What we can do for you

Whilst ensuring, as standard, your dog or cat is as happy as can be, we offer a full range of grooming services.

Full Groom

Full groom: 2 shampoos, conditioner, full dry, fluff dry (if required), clipping, scissoring, claw clipping, ear cleaning, eye cleaning.


Handstripping: full handstrip, bath in medicated tea tree shampoo, claws, dry, scissoring, thinning.


Bathing: we can offer just a bathing service with set prices for different sized breeds.

Puppy Grooms

Introducing your puppy to the sights, sounds and smells of grooming is an exciting, though daunting time for them. By gently introducing them to the bath, grooming table, dryers and clippers, we make sure that they enjoy the first experience of a groom, much like we enjoy spa days.

We will handle feet, ears and face and tail with care while we gently pamper your puppy.

By interacting with your puppy like this, we will make sure they have a pleasant and happy experience leading to a lifetime of happy grooming for you and your dog.

Cat Grooming

Cat grooming: groom out with combing only (no clipping), claws, ear cleaning, eyes.

Individual Services

Individual services: Claw clipping, anal glands, ear plucking.

Collection & Delivery

Collection and delivery to a wide area of East Devon available.